Islands Overcome With Foul-Mouthed Parrots After Kanye West Visit

Islands Overcome With Foul-Mouthed Parrots After Kanye West Visit

The Island of Stulti, idyllic getaway favoured by the likes of Angelina Jolie and Harry Styles, has seen a dramatic drop in tourism after it became deluged with parrots repeating the mannerisms of Kanye West.

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Visitors noticed a change in the parrots’ speech shortly after the 35 year-old and his wife, Kim Kardashian, visited the island.

“At first the parrots started to interrupt our conversations,” said Murran Roshay, one of the islands few residents, “but at least they were polite: they told us they would let us finish.”

Greatest Parrot of all Time


But after a few weeks, it appears the parrots picked up more lingo from the Gold-digger singer, and tourists were alarmed to find they were swarmed by a company of the birds declaring they were “the greatest parrots of all time.”

Sheer arrogance was soon overtaken by hostility as even the island’s domestic parrots were heard telling their owners: “don’t let me into my cage, don’t let me into my cage.”


Reporters from Holiday SOS managed to secure an interview with the island’s oldest parrot, now known locally as ‘Pareezus’. From the interior of a Maybach, Pareezus told us: ‘I’m not saying she’s a Goldfinch, but she ain’t messin’ with no Kingfisher’.

The island’s mayor, Calvin Meeshu, assured frightened tourists that the situation would soon be under control: “Don’t worry: Donald Trump is visiting next month.”