Food Poisoning & Illness Whilst on Holiday in the Dominican Republic

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Your holiday in the Dominican Republic should be a relaxed, chilled out affair, where a cocktail is never too far away and the beach is a few metres walk. This Caribbean jewel has a lot to thank the sea for, as the turquoise water keeps holiday-makers coming back year upon year. You can also meander around the small fishing villages, watching locals sail out onto the ocean to catch fish that could be on your plate the same evening.

But your holiday could be ruined by food poisoning. The symptoms of this illness are diarrhoea, vomiting, fever and stomach cramps and they can continue even after you’ve left the Dominican Republic. If hotels clean and maintain their food preparation areas properly then food poisoning should not be an issue. The illness is usually caused by food being handled by someone carrying a bacterial infection, food not being cooked properly or kept at the right temperature after being prepared.

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If you suffer an illness whilst away, your relaxing all-inclusive holiday can quickly turn into a negative experience. Not only will your health suffer, you could also be left out of pocket due to costly medical treatment. Once back home, it could also leave you unable to work or fulfil other commitments.


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