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Have you Suffered from Food Poisoning or Illness whilst on a Package Holiday in Morocco?

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Sickness and Food Poisoning in Morocco?

Morocco is situated in Northern Africa and the distinct sight, smells and flavours will startle your senses and give you a holiday that you’ll never forget. A country with a rich heritage, Morocco will impress you with its towering architecture and fusion of colours and cultures. If you want a truly authentic Moroccan holiday, you can wander around the hustle and bustle of the famous marketplaces of Marrakech or travel through the desert on the back of a camel, the choice is yours.

When you go to a different country, you always want to make the most of the experience and try everything it has to offer. This can apply to food, but the food you try can also give you a holiday you’ll want to forget. When eating adventurous and exotic food, it can be hard to ensure that it has been cooked properly and in sanitary conditions. While eating in restaurants where you can see the kitchen and food being cooked is a good tip, this might not have been possible in your particular hotel.

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