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Holiday Sickness & Illness in Mexico

Mexico is home to some of the most exciting food and the friendliest people in the world. The country has garnered a welcoming, laid-back and entertaining reputation and they take their tourism very seriously. You’ll find colour everywhere you go and there’s always an excuse to play some live music and put on a spread of Mexican cuisine. Beautiful beaches make up the 10,000km coastline; you’ll find diverse wildlife all over the country, towering Mayan temples and museums and gallery showcasing Mexican art and culture.

It is not advised that you drink the water in Mexico, so bottled water is recommended, otherwise you can be susceptible to catching campylobacter. However, it has been known for holidaymakers to fall ill after being served contaminated water at their hotel. In addition to this, cases of people being served food that hasn’t been cooked properly or has been kept in unsanitary conditions have been known and have been the cause of travellers’ diarrhoea.

Whilst popular, large, buffet-style restaurants in all-inclusive resorts can also be a problem as food is sometimes not stored at the correct temperature, is sometimes kept in unclean conditions and is sometimes exposed to cross-contamination. In recent months according to Public Health England, there has been an outbreak in the Riviera Maya area of Mexico, from which there were 148 cases reported during June and July 2016.

If you’ve travelled to Mexico recently and experienced sickness or illnesses as a result of your visit, get in touch with our expert team and we’ll talk you through the process of starting a claim.

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