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Although Crete is part of Greece, it’s an island with its very own unique charm that sets it apart from the mainland. Famous for its quaint mountain villages, where you can immerse yourself in traditional Cretan culture and mix with the locals and taste their cuisine which is regarded as one of the healthiest diets in the world. The varied landscape of Crete is home to stunning gorges, canyons, mountains and beautiful beaches.

Crete is not exempt from holiday illness and there have been many reports of holiday-makers contracting Cryptosporidium from unsanitary swimming pools. This virus is a parasite and can be caught from the infected faeces of animals that have not been removed from swimming pools. If you are in more rural areas or near mountains, be aware of the Asian tiger mosquito, as these mosquitos can carry Eastern equine encephalitis amongst other viruses. It’s also important to check your food is cooked properly and the conditions it’s been cooked in look hygienic, especially if you are adventurous with food and trying local dishes.

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If you suffer an illness whilst away, your relaxing all-inclusive holiday can quickly turn into a negative experience. Not only will your health suffer, you could also be left out of pocket due to costly medical treatment. Once back home, it could also leave you unable to work or fulfil other commitments.


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