How To Get Upgraded At The Airport – For Free!

How To Get Upgraded At The Airport – For Free!

Nobody likes turning right when they step onto a plane. With the land of Champagne, caviar and comfy seats only a few metres away, it makes it all the more painful having to contort your legs to fit behind the one passenger who has decided to recline their seat.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Read our top tips on how to get upgraded… for free!

1. Dress for the seat you want, not the one you have

While tracksuit bottoms and some well-worn flip flops might be the most comfortable option for flying, it hardly gives the impression that you’re jetting off to accept an Oscar, or sign a multi-million pound deal. Switch up your t-shirt for a smart linen shirt and a pair of suede shoes – check in attendants are far more likely to upgrade you if you look like you ‘belong’.

2. Break a leg – not your bank balance

This isn’t exactly a practical tip, but one you should be aware of, nonetheless. Airlines take pity on anyone with a disability and are duty-bound to make life as comfortable for you as possible. This doesn’t just apply for broken legs – if you have any illness which affects your ability to fly, let the crew know. Even if it doesn’t mean a glass of Moët, you might be given extra leg room or a prized aisle seat.

3. Fasten your seatbelt

As soon as you sit down, make sure everything is working properly. This means your seatbelt, your table tray, the recline function on your seat… even the entertainment screen. Anything missing? Anything suspiciously loose? Point it out to a steward and you might just be moved to another seat.

4. Loyalty makes you royalty

Air miles give you upgrades – this is hardly a revelation. But you don’t have to be rolling in frequent flyer miles in order to get more leg room. Simply becoming a member of an airline loyalty scheme can often help, as you’re likely to be prioritised as a potential repeat customer.The best part?These schemes are usually free to sign up to!

5. Family means everyone gets left behind

In peak seasons, First or Business class are nearly always fully booked. It’s extremely unlikely that there will be four empty seats available for you and your family – you’re far better off flying alone. This also means that if you do get lucky and a spare seat arises, there’ll be no awkward conversations about who gets to take it!

6. If you don’t ask…

This one really isn’t a secret – but it’s worth more than anything else. When you check in, put on your best smile, compliment the attendant and ask politely if there’s any chance of you being upgraded. After dealing with hundreds of angry passengers day-in, day-out, a polite passenger will have them scrambling to reward you.