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Holiday SOS is a Trading Style of Smith Jones (Solicitors) Ltd.

Smith Jones (Solicitors) Ltd is a limited company registered in England & Wales (registered number 6938570). Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority as solicitors in England & Wales (registration numbers 515276 & 518799). Details of the company’s Professional Indemnity Insurance, Standard Terms & Conditions and Complaints Procedure are available on request from the Registered Office. The Registered Office is: Towneley House, Kingsway, Burnley, BB11 1BJ.

The word ‘partner’, used in relation to the limited company, refers to a shareholder of the limited company or a designated employee or consultant of the limited company or of any affiliated firm who has equivalent standing and qualifications. A list of the shareholders of the company, and of those non-shareholders who are designated as partners, is available from the registered office on request.

We use ‘Smith Jones’ to refer to Smith Jones (Solicitors) Ltd and affiliated entities that practise under the name ‘Smith Jones ‘ or a name that incorporates those words. Reference to ‘Smith Jones’ is to Smith Jones (Solicitors) Ltd and/or one or more of those affiliated entities as the context requires. For important regulatory information please visit: www.sra.org.uk/solicitors/code-of-conduct

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