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Advice for Those who Suffer Illness Whilst on a Package Holiday

Our legal team have put together the following advice for anyone who is looking to recover compensation for an illness suffered whilst on holiday.

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    Keep a diary of your symptoms, appointments/treatment and expenses.

    Keep a note of what was eaten and any results/advice if you sought medical assistance. It is also wise to provide us with details of others who became ill during your stay. The chances are if you have been ill as a result of poor hygiene, others have also.

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    Report the illness immediately

    Report your illness while you are still in the resort to the Holiday Rep or Hotel. They may be able to offer assistance.

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    Collect evidence

    Where possible, take photographs of examples of poor practice around the hotel. These can be used as evidence in your holiday claim.

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    Keep your records and documents

    Compile details of how and when your holiday was booked. Do you have documentation?

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    See your GP as soon as possible

    Visiting your GP on your return for a medical diagnosis of your illness can significantly improve your chances of recovering compensation for your illness.

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