5 Annoying Things People Do On Planes

5 Annoying Things People Do On Planes

Travelling by air isn’t easy: but some people seem to go out of their way to make it even less enjoyable for everyone. Here’s our list of the five most annoying things other people do on planes – did we miss any off the list?

1. Leaving deodorant behind

Most people who fly regularly will have experienced this at least once. You find your seat, get settled and then become slowly aware of a terrible smell emanating from the person sitting next to you. Your heart sinks, but there’s nothing you can do. You’re trapped for the rest of the flight. As the cabin warms up, the smell becomes all-encompassing and you sit there praying for the flight attendant to move her trolley so you can escape to the toilet.
Note to all: proper hygiene is essential for life. For the sake of your fellow passengers, please make sure you’re smelling sweet before travelling!

2. Noisy kids

Kids often express their feelings about travelling in an enclosed space in the way they know best – screaming! Sitting next to a distressed child whose parent seems resigned or uninterested in calming him or her down can be immensely frustrating.
Message to all parents: for the sake of everyone’s sanity – including your own – please come prepared with toys, books, iPads… anything that will distract your child!

3. Attitude adjustment

Occasionally, unruly behaviour and unreasonable demands before take-off can delay a flight. Even worse, bad behaviour during the flight can cause the pilot to divert the plane. People who become tired and emotional, or make unreasonable demands of the cabin crew can create an unpleasant atmosphere for the whole plane.
All passengers be aware: everyone needs to get to his or her destination on time. Not one of them will appreciate or accept that their plans have been disrupted because of your issues. And remember, a thank you costs nothing and we should all treat others with respect.

4. Taking up too much space in the overhead lockers

We have all witnessed the passengers who seem to think that the nearest overhead locker is exclusively for them. These people think nothing of filling the lockers to the brim with hand luggage, coats and duty-free bargains so that others see their bag stored in the hold.
If you want to be a reasonable human being, please think carefully about the amount of luggage you bring with you on the plane – and yes, we all know there are ways of sneaking in an extra bag! Store some of your belongings by your feet, or for non-essential items, ask a member of staff if they can find a safe place to stow it away.

5. Spatial awareness

All of us are guilty of reclining our seats back for extra room and comfort, but consider the passenger behind you. As a courtesy, ask them before you go ahead, and ensure they don’t have drinks or valuables sitting on their table. After all, we can guarantee that however low your seat can go, you won’t get a better night’s sleep if you’ve got an angry passenger kicking your seat from behind!